IELTS Speaking Full Test: Historical Building

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marchBên dưới là chủ đề thi nói IELTS có liên quan đến lịch sử - một trong các chủ đề thường được đánh giá khó bởi các bạn học viên. Cùng Arrowenglish của Du Học SET tham khảo và chuẩn bị tốt chủ đề này để tự tin hơn trong kì thi IELTS sắp tới nhé. 

PART 1 (Test in 11/ 2014 in Vietnam)


1. Where do you come from?

2. What kind of work do people do there?

3. How do they spend their leisure time?

4. Is it a good place for young people to live? Why? Why not?


1. How do you feel about the noise we have in our daily life nowadays?

2. What kind of sound do you particularly like? What kind do you particularly dislike?

3. Do you think that people's life is noisier and noisier? Why is that?


1. Do you spend more time with friends or family?

2. What can you talk to friends about but not your family?

3. Do you prefer having lots of friends or a few close friends?



Describe a historical building that interests you

You should say:

What it is

Where it is located

What the historical meaning of the place is

And also explain why this particular building interests you.


1. What role do old building and new building play in modern society?

2. What changes have taken place in architecture in the past two decades?

3. Do you think it's necessary to protect old building?

4. What do you think about modern building and architecture?

5. Do you think old building with its historical meaning is likely to be replaced in the future?

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