IELTS Part 2: Describe a teacher

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 Describe a teacher whom you remember well (10.2014)

 You should say:

       Who this person is

       What subject he/ she taught

       What special about him/ her

  And also explain why you rememer this teacher so well.

Sample answer

I can remember a teacher called Ms. Nicoles really well. She was a teacher I had when I was about six years old. She taught all subjects, not anything in particular. Physically, she was quite ordinary. She was about average height, thin, and with gray hair in a bun. She looked how you would expect for a person at her age. I would say she was about fifty years old. Character wise, she was quick and precise. She was quick in all her movements, walking and speaking. And she spoke very precisely. She was a yes-or-no kind of person. Of course, before I moved into her class I was terrified of her. Now, many people have a rough exterior and a soft inside. The extraordinary thing about Ms. Nicoles is that she really did have a heart of gold. I’m sure I’ll never forget her because she taught me how to be firm, but kind.

Giải thích từ vựng:

physically: từ nối để bắt đầu nói về ngoại hình

ordinary: bình thường, không có gì đặc biệt

about average height: có chiều cao trung bình

gray hair in a bun: tóc xám cột thành búi

character wise: từ nối để chuyển sang tả tính cách

quick and precise: nhanh nhẹn và chính xác

a yes-or-no kind of person: rõ ràng, quyết đoán

have a rough exterior and a soft inside: bề ngoài cứng nhắc nhưng thâm tâm hiền hậu

have a heart of gold: có một tấm lòng vàng

firm, but kind: cứng rắn nhưng tốt bụng


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