IELTS Part 2: Talk about a Foreign Language

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"Ngôn ngữ" là 1 trong những chủ đề xuất hiện khá nhiều trong thời gian gần đây. Tuần này, chúng ta cùng tham khảo qua Part 2 và 3 của phần thi nói IELTS về chủ đề này nhé!


Part 2

 Describe a language you would like to learn besides English.

 You should say:

      + What the language is

      + How you would learn it

      + What difficulties you might have

 And also explain why you want to learn this language.

Part 3

1. What are the benefits of knowing a foreign language?

2. Why is English an international language?

3. What factors make a language become international?

4. What are the advantages of people speaking more than one language?

5. Do you think that all people speak the same language will have a negative impact on the national and regional culture?

6. Which language is likely to become dominant in the future?

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