Best destinations for your travel in Vietnam

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Do you have any plan for the vacation at the end of April?

Vietnam is a small country but has a lot of amazing landscapes and delicious food that are usually ranked high positions on the world's list of best travel destinations.

Have you ever travelled to these places and enjoyed its beauty?

Phu Quoc

Long beach was voted to be one of the world's most pristine and beautiful beaches (Concierge and ABC News Australia). Coming to this spot, you will meet a surprised attraction as the wonderful harmony of the tranquil space and peaceful landscapes which bring to you the relaxation and relief. Situated on Phu Quoc Island 15km long to the northwest, the Beach has not affected by the human beings' deployment, so it keeps the natural beauty and attraction that is deserved to be one of the most fascinating paradise possessing the warm sunshine, crystal sapphire water and smooth long beach for tourists coming and enjoying.


Hoi An

Hoi An was listed on the 17 most stunning places in the world to take a selfie and it is definitely a must if you want to meet the ancientness, tranquility in a modern and hustle life to take a selfie then show to your friends the best memory and experience. With remaining characteristics of the historical commercial port, Hoi An looks so nostalgic with colorful lanterns and it magnetizes thousands of arrivals with its harmonic mixture of diversified cuisines.

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